Discovery Set 250mg CBD
Discovery Set 250mg CBDDiscovery Set 250mg CBDDiscovery Set 250mg CBD

  • 250mg CBD per kit
  • 3 Servings of WAKE Oil (33mg CBD per Serving)
  • 5 Servings of BALANCE Softgels (30mg CBD per Serving)
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Not sure which form of CBD is best for you? Our Discovery Set offers you a week's worth of CBD in two different forms to give you a chance to figure out what works best for you! 

+ All Discovery Sets come with a $20 Discount applicable towards an order of our full sized products!



  • FREE Shipping on All Orders!

  • Independent Lab Tested and Verified

  • 100% Colorado Grown, Extracted + Packaged

  • 50 State Legal - Less than 0.3% THC

What is the difference?

One of the most common questions we receive is: What is the difference between the BALANCE Capsules and the WAKE Oil? Now you have a chance to sample them both, risk free! Every human body is different. While is widely accepted that sublingual application (of products like our WAKE Tincture) provides higher bio-availability and absorption, we have found quite a few customers who just simply prefer to take the Capsules. Let's figure out what works best for you! At only $20, this Discovery Set is a low cost way to test our products!

All of our products are made right here in Colorado with Colorado farmed Hemp. No additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients are used. This helps us to ensure that we have the cleanest, most honest CBD products available.



1x 100mg WAKE Tincture + 5x 30mg Balance Capsules
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • MCT Oil 

*This product is a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract product that contains less than .3% THC.


Softgel capsules are subject to metabolic breakdown in the digestive system. That is why we use a highly concentrated dose (30mg each). This helps you get the therapeutic effect that you are looking for in a high quality CBD product.

Our WAKE Oil is enhanced with Cannabis derived terpenes to maximize wellness benefits and provide you with an effective CBD experience.


At the core of BALANCE is the ease and convenience of capsule dosing. 

Take a single capsule once or twice daily. Best if taken with a glass of water. 

For WAKE, we recommend taking a full dropper once daily.

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