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Treat mom with CBD! Free shipping always. Treat mom with CBD! Free shipping always.
Common Ground Health SANITIZER





This is our time to help those who need support in our communities. There are families in major cities who are homeless and have no where to go. Family Promise - a shelter for families - is moving families to motels because they can no longer house them at their facilities due to social distancing. They don't have the budget for it, so they need all the help they can get.

We formulated this sanitizer as a powerful disinfectant, using 85% Pure Organic Cane Distilled Alcohol and 15% Botanical Hydrosols. Each hydrosol was picked for it's purifying, detoxing properties. Perfect for hands, countertops or other surfaces!

ALL PROCEEDS from SANITIZER sales will go to the Family Promise Organization so they can help house families at this stressful time.


We have adjusted the minimum price/donation. Each unit is $12. You can order as many as you'd like until we are sold out. The full $12 per unit will go to Family Promise.


  • Organic, Pharmaceutical Grade Cane Alcohol
  • Organic Botanical Hydrosols (Holy Basil, Grapefruit, and Lemongrass)

*There is no CBD in this product. While many CBD brands have jumped on the CBD hand sanitizer bandwagon, the science just doesn't support it.