While we perform internal tests on various stages of our farming and production, we do perform independent lab tests on every end batch of Distillate that is used to produce our formulas. We also test our formulas through the same lab to guarantee that we maintain consistency in our manufacturing process. 

Each sample of our product tested is delivered by hand to Botanacor, a certified lab here in Denver CO. The results are sent to us and are published here. Each sample is based on 1ml of product tested from a batch. Each of our formulas are currently sold only in 30mL volumes of Distillate, blended with MCT oil (carrier oil) and terpenes. The following COAs show Cannabinoid content per 1ml of product.

  • WAKE 1000 mg Tincture COA
  • REST 1500 mg Tincture COA
  • BALANCE 30 mg Capsule COA
  • FOCUS 750 mg Tincture COA
  • RECOVER 400 mg Rub COA