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The culmination of Science and Art is the heart of Common Ground. The hype around CBD products has opened up a new wave of CBD businesses fighting for market share willing to sell anything that will make them a buck. Common Ground is different.

Common Ground was founded in order to promote wellness through a deep knowledge of Cannabis as well as a desire to create a product that was unparalleled in quality, efficacy and experience. 

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract expresses the full power of the Cannabis plant to provide the benefits that nature intended. And the handcrafted formulations are truly something special.


"CBD Oil tastes bad." - Most Consumers

Unfortunately, most CBD products carry a pungent, skunky, marijuana odor. This can be a result of using a "raw" or crude extract - which in and of itself, is not a bad thing. But because many consumers are averse to the aroma and flavor profile, artificial flavors and sweeteners are often added to make the product more "appealing".

One of the ways around this is by using CBD Isolate -- something that we have no interest in doing. We wanted the benefits that come from the whole array of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and vitamins that are extracted with the CBD. We use Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts, never isolates, but we enhance them with terpenes from some of the most unique strains of cannabis like Strawberry Cough, Dutch Treat and Fire OG. These terpenes have beautiful yet subtle aromas and flavors that bring out the strengths of the cannabinoids without compromising our commitment to never use additives, artificial flavors or sweeteners.



While many brands source their CBD from China and other "less than reputable" manufacturers, every step of our CBD production - from farming to bottling - happens right here in Colorado. 

The process starts with special strains of cannabis - Otto II, BaOx, Cherry Wine and Suver Haze. These High CBD Hemp Cultivars are specifically bred to have high concentration of a full spectrum of cannabinoids, while suppressing THC production. The oil is CO2 extracted and then distilled through an advanced molecular distillation process which filters much of the chlorophyl, plant waxes and impurities that give most Full Spectrum extracts a pungent odor and flavor. 

Our distillate is then blended with our MCT carrier oil and terpene blends, bottled and delivered to your doorstep.



Like all good CBD products, our quality is built from the ground up. Our farming and extraction process is the key to our product's purity and potency. Organically farmed right here in Colorado, the hemp is grown using the strictest organic practices. Sustainable agriculture with drip irrigation, non-GMO plants and absolutely no toxic fertilizers or pesticides. Our state of the art farm and extraction facility has made it possible for us to bring in the research and development that our team of sleep therapists and holistic specialist MDs have compiled and tailor blends of the purest CBD Distillate (Extracted from only Otto II and BaOx High CBD Hemp Cultivars), Terpene Isolates and other organic ingredients (like our C8 MCT Oil) to formulate the most effective CBD Supplements in the world.

We believe that attention to detail, pursuit of perfection and unrelenting commitment to our customers is what makes successful relationships and ultimately a profitable business.