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CBD For Moms: 5 Amazing Benefits For Every Phase of Motherhood

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CBD For Moms: 5 Amazing Benefits For Every Phase of Motherhood

With the CBD rush behind us, we are seeing less and less about how beneficial CBD is for mothers. It was a fun marketing tactic for new brands to sell CBD to more people but now that the hype has died down, we can discuss the benefits that moms can really gain from using CBD in their routines.

Let's take a look at just a few things that describe motherhood.

Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is painful. Motherhood is exciting. Motherhood is rewarding. Motherhood is exhausting. 

But this is not news to mothers. 

With all the ups and downs that come with being a mom, it's nice to know of simple tools that can help us be at our best throughout the day, and get the rest we need after the kids are in bed at night. 

CBD is an underrated tool that should be in every mom's survival kit! Here are 5 amazing benefits for every phase of motherhood.


1. CBD Can Help Moms Keep a Level Head

You know that moment when you completely lose it on your kids and you immediately feel bad for losing control and you have to go take a breath to reset? We've all been there (or will be there) and it doesn't feel good. CBD can come in handy for those extra stressful days  (like today when I'm trying to work and the kids are home from school). When taking CBD regularly, you can mitigate stressful outbursts by keeping your mental state even and balanced preventing outbursts and allowing you to think clearly before you have to take action.

Kids can be naughty and wild that's just part of being childhood. So grab a CBD tincture like WAKE or an easy CBD option like the Balance Capsules to take regularly so you can prevent outbursts from happening!


2. CBD Can Take the Edge Off Stressful Moments

We get it, sticking to a daily CBD routine isn't for everyone. And let's be honest, as moms it's hard to remember everyone's schedules, let alone your own wellness regimen. Luckily for us, CBD can also be used "as needed" leaving that daily routine to those moms who thrive on schedules and routines. 

There are times that the stress gets to be so much and it feels like you are holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. CBD is perfect for those moments (or hours)! Taking off the edge without the side effects of marijuana is exactly what we need during those times. 

Taking a dose of CBD Oil, breathing deeply, and giving yourself some words of encouragement can help to take the edge off. 20-30 minutes after taking CBD oil, you should feel your body release some of that tension you're holding and you might notice your reaction to your surroundings are less intense. You can finally breathe before reacting and you can complete your day with a level head.


3. CBD Can Help You Stay On Top of Your Mental Game

The cool thing about the hemp plant (the plant that CBD comes from) is that there are different compounds to target certain receptors in your body creating different results. For those days that you really need some mental clarity and the ability to focus completely on your tasks, there is a strain for that! FOCUS CBD Oil is the go-to, get 'er done oil that comes from a strain of hemp that aids in mental accuity.

Whether you have little ones at home while you are trying to work or your need to get sh*t done before the kids get home from school, FOCUS can help keep your mind clear so you can check more items off your to-do list in the short windows that you have. 

A bonus ingredient in the Focus Tincture is organic peppermint extract which not only lightens the taste of the oil, but it adds a layer of invigoration to your CBD.

4. CBD Can Help To Minimize Period Symptoms

Unfortunately the world doesn't stop once a month for us and the kids definitely never rest. So tackling those pesky period symptoms is necessary for motherhood survival. 

My favorite CBD product for period symptoms is the WAKE CBD Oil as it touches on everything I need (low back pain, cramps, and headache). But carrying a topical in your bag like Rosewood Body Cream or the Freeze CBD Roller is a great option too. When you feel your back ache start or cramps coming on, massage those topicals into the areas you need for extra relief.

CBD targets pain and 1nflammat1on and that is exactly what we need during our favorite time of the month ;)

5. CBD Helps Balance Your Sleep Cycle...even if you're not getting much of it!

Again, we know the pain of getting a few hours of sleep at night because you are feeding a newborn, or you are dealing with a child who has night terrors or you can't sleep until your teenager is safely home. Whichever scenario you are dealing with, CBD oil has proved time and time again how helpful it is for helping people with sleep.

REST oil is special and works particularly well for a plethora of sleep problems. REST helps us fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, or in the case of mothers who can't have a full night's sleep, it helps your body to find a healthy sleep cycle. This means fewer groggy mornings. The sleep you are able to get is as restful as possible. 

Obviously we want to shoot for 6-8 hours of sleep a night (wouldn't that be nice!) and Rest Oil can definitely help you get there if you have those hours available to you in bed! But if you are not able to get those vital sleep hours because motherhood, Rest can help you sleep deep for the hours that you are able to close your eyes. 

These are just a handful of many ways CBD can help women succeed in motherhood. Do you use CBD to support your health and wellness as a mother? If yes, comment below and let us know how CBD has benefited your journey as a mother!


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