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Is CBD the Only Miracle Ingredient?

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Is CBD the Only Miracle Ingredient?

Throughout the hype of the Farm Bill passing, legalizing CBD products on a federal level, many new brands were using messaging like "miracle plant" and the "all you need" plant. Although CBD covers a lot of ailments and does its job extremely effectively, is CBD the only miracle ingredient to help us find balance in our wellness journey? Can it even be touted as a miracle ingredient?

Here's the tea, if you want to know exactly how CBD works and why it is so powerful, check out this article How Does CBD Work? But we also would never use the term miracle. Ever. It implies that it works to cure and treat everything and that it works for everyone. 

If you've been with us for any amount of time, you know that we sing from the rooftops that every body is different and every body will respond differently to CBD. We have made this abundantly clear because what works for Katrina might not work for Julie. 

What we do know is that CBD works directly with the body to reduce pain, calm the mind and help aid in getting better sleep. But is CBD the only ingredient that can do those things? No! Which is why Common Ground has embodied holistic botanical wellness since early in their brand story.

Take, for example, The Common Ground Body Cremes. The Rosewood Body Creme which is designed for nighttime use, has ingredients to support the CBD/hemp extract with natural ingredients like lavender, rosewood, sandalwood, patchouli, calendula, and St. Johnswort. All these ingredients combined create a beautiful formula designed to relax, calm, and rejuvenate. Working together, if one's body doesn't respond to lavender, the rosewood can fill those gaps. All ingredients working together to support the overall goal of the CBD.

On the other hand, The Bergamot Body Creme was formulated for daytime use and ingredients like bergamot, jasmine, cedar wood, and Ashwagandha can help keep the body calm while invigorate at the same time. Supporting the CBD to help relieve pain and tension is the ultimate goal and this formula was designed specifically for that intended purpose.

So the short answer is no. CBD is not a miracle ingredient and it's not the only powerful botanical. But the way that it works with the body to help with everyday ailments is powerful. 

When you are considering your wellness regimen, look at the entire list of ingredients. Just as certain botanicals are helpful, other additives are harmful. At Common Ground, we pay close attention to all of the areas that we can replace harmful additives and synthetics with natural plant ingredients. We are also centered in reality and understand the limitations that can come with natural ingredients and products (like shelf stability, etc...) and formulate with intention to make sure you that you are receiving the most effective, natural and clean products! 

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a miracle, let's learn to look at the amazing people in our lives and not the empty promises of brands! LOL But... if you are looking for powerful, effective, clean, plant based wellness products, head to our shop and order one of our body cremes. We can't wait show you what we've created.


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