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Which CBD Products are Right for You?

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CBD is exploding onto the market, into social newsfeeds and mainstream media and ultimately into more homes every day. It is honestly a good time to be alive! Just a few years back the powerful, miraculous effects of CBD were all but unknown and now the sheer volume of social proof is astounding.

So for those who are just now discovering CBD, where do you start? Let’s lay down a few ground rules and then go from there;

1. There are a myriad of ways that you can consume/use CBD. Tinctures, Rubs, Balms, Pills and Inhalants are a few of the more popular. They are by no means the only ways to use CBD.

2. While CBD is known to have little to no negative side effects, you should always consult a medical professional before adding a supplement to your daily regimen.

3. Every reputable CBD manufacturer / retailer should offer full transparency and Certificates of Analysis from independent labs. Don’t get fooled by the snake oil, or cheap, low purity foreign cbd on the market!

Now that we have that squared away, the question is: Which CBD products are right for you?


Topicals like RECOVER muscle rub is designed for localized, concentrated relief and spot treatment of achy joints, pinched nerves and muscle cramps. RECOVER makes the perfect companion for the regular gym-goer. RECOVER makes short work of after workout fatigue and soreness. With 600mg of Full Spectrum CBD whipped into a luscious coconut base, the rub is enhanced with cupuacu and cocoa butter to moisturize the skin and help it absorb the terpenes and essential oils. How to Use: Open up and dip a finger in, pull out a dime sized dollop of product and massage into the affected area.


Tinctures are popular amongst those who are looking for hormonal and energy balance or those who suffer from intense pain and intense stress. Our WAKE formula tincture is a daily ingestible supplement that delivers a whole 33mg of CBD per dropper. The formula is a combination of 4 ingredients:

1. Full Spectrum 80% CBD Distillate

2. Organic C8 MCT Oil as a carrier

3. Terpenes extracted from a cannabis strain called Strawberry Cough

4. Terpenes extracted from a strain called Lemon Haze

There are no additives, sweeteners, artificial flavors or chemicals so you don’t have to worry about what is going into your body with the CBD. If you are looking for an "all arounder" that invigorates the mind, awakens your senses and eases stress, then WAKE is the right product for you. Higher in CBG than most Hemp Extracts, it provides benefits not found in CBD Isolate products.

How to Use: Fill the dropper to the desired dose and apply sublingually for best results. Let it sit under the tongue for 30 seconds or more and then swallow. Use a half or quarter dropper to take lower doses than the full 33mg dropper. We recommend starting with 15mg once per day and take it up from there depending on your personal needs and tolerance!


For those with intense pain, insomnia or intense stress, we recommend REST.

Our REST tincture was formulated as the ultimate sleep and relaxation aid. High in CBN, this powerful cannabinoid blend differs from our WAKE formula in a few ways.

1. The extract is high in CBN which stimulates rest and relaxation.

2. Each bottle has a concentration of 1500mg of CBD instead of 1000mg.

3. In WAKE the Terpene blend is unique to this formula and includes terpenes extracted from indica strains such as:

• Northern Lights

• Lemon Kush

• Fire OG and

• Lavender

Each dropper is 50mg of CBD. Because our blends utilize Full Spectrum extract, you get the effects of CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and a vast array of the more than 100 cannabinoids found in Hemp.

How to Use:

REST is designed to be taken about an hour before bed. Load up your dropper and feel your worries melt away! Like WAKE, it is applied sublingually, allowed to rest and then swallowed. Again, we recommend starting with a less than full 50mg dose if you are new to CBD. From there you can tailor your daily dose.

So if you are new to CBD, don’t worry - this information should give you some good starting points, but as always, feel free to shoot us an email or initiate a chat and ask any questions you have. Our staff are highly educated and love helping people find balance and a healthier way of life!

Check out our other blog topics to find some more information about us and our products or just for some general CBD education!

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