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How to Use Common Ground

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If you are here you probably either received your package or you're impatiently waiting for your package to arrive. What better way to use your time than to figure out how to use your new Common Ground products!


The softgel capsules are pretty self explanatory. They are a 30 mg dose of CBD - so if you are taking CBD consistently, you can either take them in the morning, in the evening, or both. And if you are trying to ward of any pain or swelling or you are having an extra stressful day, take the capsules as needed throughout the day. Remember that CBD does not work immediately, especially in capsule form. It will take 20-30 minutes for it to start benefiting your body. And remember that the best results come from consistency!


Oils are the recommended way for your body to absorb CBD quickly. Although your body still won't process the CBD immediately, it will be much quicker than the softgel. Squeeze the top of the dropper and fill to your desired dose. A full 33mg dose is the full dropper. You can dose down from there as you start with CBD and figure out your perfect dose! More doesn't always mean better. Just play around and figure out what's right for your body. Drop that liquid gold under your tongue and keep it there from 10-30 seconds. Did you know that under the tongue is one of the most absorbable parts of the body? This ensures fast absorption with your body receiving the most amount of benefit from the WAKE formula.


Similar to WAKE. You will drop your desired dose under your tongue to rest for 10-30 seconds. The only difference is that a full dropper of REST is 50mg of CBD. So feel free to dose down as you begin and figure out your perfect dose! And with both oils, consistency is the best way to see results from CBD!


RECOVER is beautiful because you can use it as much as your heart desires! Dig into your jar and grab a dollop of our silky muscle rub. For best results, massage into desired area for a minimum of five minutes. A little goes a long way but if you're like us, you'll want to use it all day every day! Combine with WAKE or REST for the ultimate CBD benefit.

Feel free to shoot us a message any time you have questions about your Common Ground products. We want you to love it as much as we do! So we are happy to help you get comfortable with your personal dosage and routine!

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