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Soothe Low Back Pain with CBD

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Your back hurts. I get it. Mine did too. Half of the American population also understands your pain. Back pain is the #1 reason for missed work days in America. Many people are tired of filling their bodies with medication that damages their liver, kidneys, spleen, and who-knows-what else. Natural remedies are what people are moving toward to keep themselves living longer, but how do you know which remedies will actually help? Luckily for you we have a very natural and very effective remedy - so let's talk about how to soothe your low back pain with CBD.

Quick CBD Review

First let's quickly review how CBD can soothe your pain. (For an in-depth explanation of how CBD works, check out this article!) CBD directly targets pain in your body at a cellular level. The ultimate goal of CBD is to create homeostasis (or harmony) in your body which includes targeting pain points so you can live a balanced and happy life.

Your Back Pain

Looking at your back pain, you probably feel achy when you wake up in the morning and by the time noon hits, you're holding on to your back for dear life because the pain is distracting you from your work. From the second you wake up and start moving around, your body begins to protect itself from the hardships of the day - including poor posture, weak core muscles, and years of sitting in front of a computer and hunching to look at your phone. 

Let's take a look at some of the things you might have tried to ease your back pain. Loads of Advil followed by IBuprofen. Steroid shots. Medicated patches to wear throughout the day. All these options have side effects that are damaging if used daily - which is probably what you are doing because your pain is so intense.

How To Use CBD for Pain

How do you use CBD to ease your back pain? By now you might know that CBD is a natural solution to your pain and has no harmful side effects - but you might not know how to use it most effectively.

There are a few options when looking at CBD for back pain and we like to only recommend the options that are healthiest with no harmful side effects. We personally stay away from vaping and smoking because of the damage that can happen to the alveoli in your lungs and the lining in your esophagus - amongst other issues. We are looking to heal your body above all else.

Option #1 - CBD Oil

The first option and our personal favorite is the CBD Oil. It is administered under the tongue which allows for the body to absorb the most amount of CBD possible. The oil will be absorbed into your blood stream and you can start feeling the effects of the CBD within 20 to 30 minutes. But make sure the CBD oil you are using has a dosage that will actually help your pain. Many companies are selling micro-dose options - meaning when you take a dose of their oil you are only taking a few milligrams of CBD. What your body actually absorbs at that point is even less than what you put under your tongue. With something like ibtense back pain we recommend a higher dose CBD oil so you can absorb the maximum amount of CBD for maximum pain relief.

Other things you should also look out for in your CBD oils are additives, preservatives, and flavorings. We like to stay away from those extra ingredients and stay as natural as possible so you are only consuming what will help you and nothing that won't. 

You can take a look at our all-natural high dose oils here.

Option #2 - CBD Rub

The second option for CBD and back pain, and the one we like to pair with CBD oil, is a CBD rub. This is a topical rub (like a salve or a balm) that you can massage directly on your back throughout the day as much as you need. Topical options are great because you can usually take it with you to work and use it when you need. Again, look at ingredients. If the product you are researching has natural butters, natural CBD and essential oils, you should be in great shape. You can find an all natural option that smells like heaven and works like a dream here ;)

Option #3 - CBD Capsules

The last option you can use to soothe your back pain is a CBD capsule. These are great for people who are on the run, need to grab and go, or those who might not like the taste of CBD oil. The biggest difference between the CBD oil and the CBD capsules is the amount of time it takes for your body to absorb the CBD. Since the capsules have to go through your digestive system as opposed to being absorbed sublingually (under the tongue), it will take longer for your body to process the CBD which means it will take longer to relieve your pain. Your body also won't be absorbing quite as much CBD because of the metabolic breakdown that happens during digestion. Which, again is why we recommend a higher dose CBD capsule than a micro dose. And just like everything else, look at your ingredients! Make sure you know what you are consuming before you buy. Take a look at a high dose, all natural CBD gel capsule here.

Final Thoughts on CBD

The final thing to remember about CBD is this: CBD works the best with consistency. Many people feel relief after one dose of this oil - HOWEVER, if your pain has been compounding for years, it might take a couple weeks before your body can start finding the balance that it needs to relieve your pain. Stick it out, we promise, it will be worth it. 

Now you know how CBD works and how to use it to soothe your back pain. Next step: get your CBD so you can finally have the relief that you haven't had in years! After you start using your CBD, come back here and leave us a comment with how its going! We love to hear how CBD is changing lives! 

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