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What is CBN?

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What is CBN?

What is CBN?

CBN (Cannabinol), is a component found in cannabis which is derived from the oxidation of THC-A.

Common uses for CBN are as an effective sleep aid or sedative. Current research shows that this cannabinoid has also been shown to help regulate the immune system and can aid in the relief of pain and caused by several conditions. Studies show that it can be used to reduce the intra-ocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma. CBN acts as an anticonvulsant, so it is also beneficial to patients suffering from seizure disorders including epilepsy.

CBN Effects and Benefits

Research has shown that CBN is effective in the treatment of a variety of symptoms and conditions. Examples of conditions for which CBN is particularly effective in providing symptom relief are listed below:

  • Insomnia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Seizures (including epilepsy)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Chronic post-operative pain
  • Chronic Fatigue

The effects and benefits of CBN oil have been the subject of research for many years but until recently, the production and formulation of products rich in CBN has been largely cost prohibitive. Unlike CBD, which can be found in concentrations as high as 20% in hemp plants, CBN is often only found in trace amounts, well under 0.5% of the cannabinoid content of a hemp plant. What that means for producers is that it would require as much as 40-50x the resources to produce the same of amount of CBN as CBD!

Because of these cost prohibitions, there was an extremely limited commercial availability for CBN. Manufacturers looking to create powerful sleep aides in the CBD industry turned to synthetic chemicals and hormonal additives instead of hemp/cannabis derivatives that were not only cleaner but more effective than traditionally available pharmaceutical ingredients.

Common Ground and CBN

Common Ground was founded in the early days of commercial CBD with the primary purpose of researching, cultivating and formulating CBN rich products. As our founders, Justin & Kam, searched the market for products rich in CBN, the only products on the market with sufficient CBN levels were THC rich products, which were only available in Cannabis dispensaries and limited to only a few areas of the country (primarily Colorado, California and Oregon). Additionally, use of these products in daily life was restrictive as the THC is intoxicating. Any use or possession outside of Colorado was criminal due to the high/regulated THC content. 

We were determined to deliver non-intoxicating, effective and clean CBN rich wellness products that could help customers dealing with sleep impairment, deep musculoskeletal pain and mood disorders like high stress.

Through a series of innovations in our farming and extraction practices, we were able to achieve a crop with higher than expected CBN levels relatively quickly in our R&D process and our REST Tincture was born.

With 1500mg of CBD and 120mg of CBN, our nighttime specific tincture Rest was the first of its kind in the CBD industry. While many other companies were adding Melatonin and other chemical and hormonal additives to their products, our products were formulated with only 2 ingredients - Hemp derived cannabinoids and organic MCT oil from coconuts.

While CBN aides dramatically in sleep improvement, it is a pharmacological anomaly as it doesn’t cause grogginess or daytime drowsiness like many other synthetic sleep aides do. Studies show that unlike melatonin, our bodies don’t develop a tolerance or resistance to it’s benefit and it doesn’t alter the bodies ability to produce sleep related hormones. On the contrary it has shown to be a powerful aide in the process of returning the human endocrine system to homeostasis and balancing our natural hormonal processes.

Common Ground is committed to the proliferation of scientific research and development in botanical wellness. We believe that nature holds everything we need to not only survive but thrive - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our commitment to our “beyond organic” farming practices, genetic development of our hemp plants and supporting botanicals, clean extraction and honest/transparent formulation, we will be able to continue providing consumers with powerful and continually more affordable alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and synthetic “wellness supplements”.

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