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Is the CBD Hype Dead?

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Is the CBD Hype Dead?

It's been four years since the farm bill passed allowing the sale of hemp-derived CBD in most states in the US and four years since brands were frantically popping up left and right trying to take part in the excitement of the wellness phenomenon. 

More brands continue to emerge, but the scramble to launch a brand in the space seems to have died down, and with it, the excitement from consumers who were waiting for the opportunity to legally purchase CBD products. But does that mean that the CBD hype is dead?

Although it seems the honeymoon phase is over, and sometimes it feels like everyone knows about CBD these days, there are still 36% of Americans who are not familiar with CBD (Gallup, 2019). That's still leaves a lot of onboarding for the CBD veterans!

SO what does that mean for those of us who use CBD, love CBD, and will always have CBD as part of our daily routine? Well, simply put, we still have work to do! Education is always key for those who are learning about CBD and even (especially) if you are a CBD consumer, your knowledge and experience with CBD goes a long way for someone who is looking for solutions to their daily pains and discomforts.

What can YOU do to help others understand how beneficial CBD is?

1. Share share share! The more you share your experience using CBD and how it is benefiting your life, the more likely someone else is to dive in and try it. And like most of you know, it can be life changing for many people!

2. Educate! There is a lot of misinformation online and those of you who have been with us for any amount of time can find helpful and accurate information about CBD on our website. Knowledge is power and educated buyers are more likely to have success on their wellness journey because they are empowered to advocate for their specific needs and purchase products that target their individual pain points. Together we can lift each other up and guide each other to wellness.

3. Advocate! There are many brands spreading misinformation, mislabeled products, and producing downright weird and ineffective CBD products (CBD pillow, anyone?). But there are also MANY wonderful CBD brands who are educating properly, creating thoughtful, intentional products, and who truly care about their customers (oh hi, Common Ground!). Advocating for brands like these help strengthen the industry and the consumer sentiment surrounding CBD. Together we can help others understand how powerful these products are and can be for so many people!

With your help we can transition from a CBD hyped economy to a CBD educated economy. Which, in our opinion, is a much healthier way to live!

Here are some fun CBD statistics put together by Singlecare:

Out of Americans who use CBD, the most commonly used CBD products are for pain relief (64%), anx1ety (49%), and 1nsomnia (42%). (SingleCare, 2020)

Percentage of adults who have used CBD once or more (Gallup, 2019):

  • 40% of people ages 18-29 have tried CBD
  • 32% of people ages 30-44 have tried CBD
  • 23% of people ages 45-59 have tried CBD
  • 15% of people 60 and older have tried CBD

We value you, our customers, more than you know! And we hope to be able to empower you to transition from a CBD consumer to a CBD educator - even if just within your own personal reach!

Please email us at if you have suggestions for educational content that would be beneficial to you or someone you know and as always, feel free to reach out to us for any questions that you have! 

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