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Treat mom with CBD! Free shipping always. Treat mom with CBD! Free shipping always.


You Are What You Eat

Ingredients shouldn’t be mysterious. In fact, the FDA requires that all supplement and food products post a list of ingredients on product packages. But that doesn’t ensure that ingredients in CBD products are decipherable, clean and not vague. Continue reading

What is a Cultivar?

There are now countless cannabis cultivars designed for different purposes, but most common is the selective breeding of different varieties to tailor the output of various Cannabinoids. Continue reading

The Truth About Hemp Textiles

Did you know that one of the oldest known textiles in history is hemp? We can trace hemp back 8,000 years to Egyptian tombs Continue reading

Hemp vs Marijuana

If you google that question, you will find a million conflicting responses...Setting aside all of the mis-information, lets start from scratch. Continue reading
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